Where Technologies
will bring us to a greener planet

For your strategy,
we take you to the heart of Innovation.


SmartElectronic team is an active partner
in projects related to
open-Software, open-Hardware and open-Innovation.

Our team menbers are long term involved in coworking space FabLab and other creative spaces.

Product Design

When You have a new projet, just a brilliant idea ?
we will be happy to hear about it (under NDA)
and find what's the best solution to make it realized

You already have the product ?
We can design and improve your products through electronics and software developments.


using the smart device along manufacturing chain,
We will increase the reliability of your processes.
in some cases build special equipments so you can keep
a better control of your production line.

Full Spectrum

Depending on your needs, SmartElectronic can start
from the market analysis up
to the optimization of your manufacturing processes
at full capacity.

Where does SmartElectronic come from ?

A group of Passionate engineers from all around the world.
35 years of comprehensive experiences.
with headquarter in HAINAN island which is know as "The HAWAII of ASIA"
we strongly belive that technologies should help to
make our planet become green again

Different ? For Sure !

With our extensive portfolio of services, SmartElectronic is, for sure, your provider of complete and integrated solutions, the partner you can rely on.